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Posted 28/12/2012



One of those moments when you ponder on your life, when you reflect on your past and future actions and when you think that your life surely has to be the worst of all… You don’t know those moments? Well, I do and I suppose that everyone does sometimes. In one of those moments, cursing my life, I sat by my window, listened to the rain pouring down outside and then I caught myself wishing that everything were just normal. But what is normality? Would not my life seem normal to another person? And would not what I deem normal be something completely different for that person?

I guess everyone has a certain sense of normality he or she wants to reach and live in. But can this state ever be reached? Is it more like a dream or can it really become true? Maybe normality means for some people something far beyond their reach. And if we approached that normality would we be glad or rather bored? Would we then have everything we wanted, everything we dreamed of?

And how do we know that if the now we’re already living in isn’t normality?

Questions, questions, questions, and no one to answer them. Can you answer them for yourselves? Personally, I can’t and I won’t… I just wanted to share one of my thoughts with you… Who ever said that this thought would be completed? ;)