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Has the zombie apocalypse already begun? ;)

Posted 12/6/2013

Has the zombie apocalypse already begun? ;)


No, I don’t want to write about any horror film now, and I don’t want to promote any future films concerning this topic. Neither do I want to show off as a nerd, geek, whatsoever… ;) But for a recent project for a tenth grade, I had to watch a video that refers to the film “The Matrix” (for those of you who don’t know it yet, it’s one of my favourites… ;)) and I wondered: Has it already started? And although I might sound more than polemic now, I’d say that the machines have already taken over…

Does this sound too weird for you now? Really? Well, then think about a few questions: How long would you survive without using the internet? How often have you looked at your smartphone so far today? Can you imagine just leaving every electronical device at home for just one day? No? I thought so… ;) If yes, then you’re really marvellous and exceptional! ;)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to propagandise to throw away our technical innovations but I’d like to call your attention to the fact that we have to be careful. When I ask my pupils something outside the classroom, the first thing they do is look it up on their smartphones. This is not a bad thing as long as they still know what a proper book is… But what will happen in the following years?

That’s not even the worst… Just try a little experiment with me: Tomorrow, on your way to work, uni, school or wherever else you’ll be going, tuck away your own smartphone and look at the people surrounding you. THEN you’ll know what I mean when I used the term “zombie” here. Why can’t people talk to each other like they did ten years ago? And when they do, why do they have to look at their phones all the time then? Isn’t one dialogue partner enough? Do I really have to google the nearest shoe shop when my best friend tells me of his/her latest breakup? Well, I don’t think so… But unfortunately, most people disagree with me, although I guess that this happens rather unconsciously.

I don’t know what you make out of this, if at all; I just wanted to sensibilise you to such an omnipresent implicitness. I don’t even blame you if you’re one of those “zombies” because I was one too for quite a long time. But I woke up and now there are times when I deliberately put my smartphone aside and concentrate on the person right in front of me. And well, how would I enjoy watching people as I usually do if I just looked at my phone? ;)