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Dear readers,


let me tell you some things about me so you get a little background information on the person writing all those things here. Some of you might be curious, others won’t care, but I was once told that a writer’s vita always influences their works. Well, I wouldn’t go that far as to call myself a great writer or what I do “works”, I’m just at the beginning of a long writing journey and there may be obstacles I need to overcome and some great experiences that will bring me forward in what I do…


Well, my age doesn’t matter nor does where I actually live, but it's in Germany. I can tell you that I’m a teacher (grade 5 to 13 in Germany) with the subjects English and history. Both influence my thoughts a lot. But there’s more to it than this… Some call me spooky and nerdy and I'm definitely a little geek. You want to know why? The reason is that I really often can read other people like an open book - I can tell you it's really not that difficult. Does that sound arrogant to you? Well, it’s not my fault that I’m almost always right… And I didn’t even mention my very good memory and having learned Middle Egyptian yet… ;) One reason for the above mentioned things could be that I have Asperger's. But that doesn't mean that I like to be reduced to having it, neither do I like to be analysed or asked all the time about it. We (I sometimes call it my "little green alien" in my head) had some hard times coming to terms, but we finally did, and now I simply live with it.

Although I can often have fun, laugh, and ridicule myself a lot, I tend to be a dark and moody person. Unfortunately, there are always too many thoughts in my head, and I sometimes honestly fear that I’ll be losing my sanity… Apparently, I didn’t until now… ;) But I know hell, I really do… Nowadays, I consider myself a phoenix from the ashes because I know how to get up again after having lost almost everything… But I still have lots of weaknesses and I always have to fight to stay upright. And whoever said that you can't fall into the abyss again?


Creativity forms a large aspect of my life. And now I have to disappoint you a bit: I do not write for my readers - I write mostly for myself. It’s not my intention to please others, I rather love to explore deep feelings and my own thoughts. If they then form a good piece of writing that you as readers enjoy, it’s just another advantage of my self-expression. ;) Another form of creativity I appreciate a lot is dancing. I used to do ballet for nearly two decades, then I quitted it. But I started anew because some emotions cannot be expressed thoroughly by words or gestures, they have to be felt and shown with a dance. This is hard to explain, I know, and maybe this sounds weird to you, but well, I never said I was normal, did I? ;) At least this explains my love for music. I could never live without it.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m a very emotional person. Thus, I feel a very deep love for my few but selected friends. But I can hate with the same emotional vigour those who became my enemies. You don’t have to like me or what I do, I just ask for acceptance and maybe a little respect. Because in the end, we’re all just human beings, aren’t we?


Finally, if you like those things here and want to contact me - as some of you have already done -, you’re very welcome, and I’d really be happy about it but don’t expect me to be your best friend instantly. Because what I write here is just a tiny bit of my personality and reading it doesn’t mean that you know me, right? ;)

So, enjoy yourselves!