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05/03/2018 ~ Endlich etwas Neues auf Deutsch! "Ein Jahr" in "Chaos".

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Welcome to Iset's Refugium!


~ Writing is like drawing with words. ~


This is what I believe and although I’m a German, I write in English. I love the language but I would never claim to be a native speaker nor would I ever claim to write without any mistakes. Let’s call it artistic freedom… ;)

Some may think that those things I write about (mainly in the “creative writing” section) are things that come from my own life. But I can assure you that it’s mostly not the case. Those are things that come to my mind, often at night, and then I have to write them down… I’m afraid this is all the magic behind it.

You may have noticed by now that most of the things I write are pretty dark... This is because the dark fascinates me; I love to explore the dark sides of the human psyche, especially its abysses...

I hope that you’ll like some of the things I write or “draw”… So enjoy yourselves and please leave a message in the guestbook… ;)

Und ja, auch deutsche Leser sind mir willkommen und dürfen sich natürlich verewigen… ;)



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And to conclude: This is not a site for children or teenagers!!!




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