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Touch me

Posted 17/5/2014

Touch me


Prickling, oversensitive skin,

the tiniest breeze causing goose bumps.

Every cell of me is screaming for attention.


Where are you?

I need you, so desperately, so hungrily.

I long for you, crave your physicality, your presence.


I’m attuned to your voice’s melody,

every word, even a soft whisper reverberates in me.

I’m shivering with anticipation, completely out of my mind.


I’m all yours, body and soul.

Please, I beg you, make me feel alive again.

Let me feel the intensity and desire only you can evoke inside me.


You’re the centre of my thoughts,

your long, deft fingers on my hot skin,

exploring, probing, travelling, claiming what’s theirs.



Having to wait for you is a torture beyond anything I’m able to take,

so, please, fulfil my destiny, my reason for living,

Let me feel your touch.