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Finding Myself

Posted 6/11/2012

Finding Myself


Once, I was an autumnal leaf like many others

Though I didn’t know well my sisters and my brothers.

I had such a nice shape when leaving the recess of my tree,

I wanted to explore the world, see how it could be.


The wind became my friend, I rode it to find out

What other leaves’ forms and lives were about.

At first, it was wonderful, so many leaves like me;

I perceived different ones I admired with glee.


Soon, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be like them,

But I had many problems, I originated from another stem.

Could not change my form that was jagged where they were round,

Even my rustling in the wind made a very different sound.


The wind took me on and on, getting a stormy feature

That really frightened me, the little leafy creature.

As unpredictable as the storm very fast became:

If a lightning struck me would I still be the same?


But I was destiny’s ball to play with; I had no real choice,

There was no sense in waiting for my parental tree’s voice.

I had nothing achieved yet, I had nothing to show and bring,

Anyway, it had to care for the new, the next offspring.


Once in a while, I managed to reach the ground,

Sometimes it was a meadow, sometimes a mound,

Mostly, I rested on my own and encountered pure tranquility,

The only thing that mattered now: I had accomplished stability.


I had seen other leaves, distinct shapes and colours far away,

Could not reach out for them; was again under the storm’s sway.

It was strong, my outer form had changed: here a cut, there a bruise,

I was different from the beginning of my journey; it was no use.


I was depressed and isolated; had no orientation like in a maze,

Didn’t mind being carried by the wind to another, faraway place.

Found my supposedly last home in a cold, harsh winterly scene;

My structure was severely destroyed but I did not start to keen.


And after the snow and ice had gone, as I lay there,

Except for my inner leafy core absolutely bare,

A sudden and very true realisation began to dawn on me:

Other leaves were dead by now but in spring, I will still be!