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Musing about death

Posted 1/8/2012

Musing about death


Did you ever think about death? No? Well, I do it regularly, almost every day. Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish for it but I’m not afraid of it either. I just acknowledge its everyday presence. As a matter of fact, life is lethal. And although we shouldn’t think about it every waking minute we should still keep it in mind. So, I don’t preach an over-precautious life or fear of death in every step. We just should know that it lingers everywhere and sometimes or let’s say quite often we’re not aware of it until it’s too late…

Contrary to most people, I suppose, I’m not really afraid of dying and I know that it may happen any time. The only thing I’m really afraid of concerning death is the probable loss of a beloved person. I have to accept that up to 95% I will never be able to prevent such a death… Maybe this is why I try to find a good ending when leaving someone, even if it’s just for a short while. And I always try to remember the last words…

Who said I was sane? ;)